Boxmaster is a proud member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) of Canada for Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood since July of 2010. With this certification, we can proudly offer environmentally conscious products to our customers, as well as establish our company as an active partner in responsible forest management.
Our product is corrugated packaging, which stems from paper, which in turn stems from trees; through recycling, our product can be considered renewable and thus a sustainable resource. At an operational level, Boxmaster is actively recycling and minimizing our environmental impact in a number of ways:

• 100% of scrap corrugated material from our manufacturing process is gathered into bales and returned to our mill for re-pulping into new paper. We recycle approximately 10 tons of old corrugated containers (OCC) per month. OCC is the main ingredient used in the paper making process, with the balance of paper fiber coming from sawdust and other byproducts coming from sawmills.

• All of our inks are water and vegetable based; the ink waste is treated in house with no effluence entering the municipal sewage system.

• The lighting in our production facility was changed to utilize more energy efficient bulbs, reducing our lighting power consumption and costs by 50%, or almost 500,000 KwH/year.

• All plastic strapping and stretch wrap is recycled, which means 8,700 kg of garbage has been diverted from going into landfills. In addition, all company paper materials are recycled on a weekly basis.

• We operate our own fleet of trucks, which include newly acquired trucks with the latest clean burning diesel technology that exceed all North American emission standards. These trucks are also equipped with GPS tracking units, with the goal of increasing efficiency and utilization, and reducing transportation costs by 10-15%.

Sustainability to us is not solely limited to taking care of our environment. Boxmaster is actively involved in caring for the health and well-being of our community. Check out the Community tab to see our efforts and accomplishments.