Packaging Awards

Boxmaster is proud to be an internationally recognized award winning box manufacturer

At the 2017 Independent Packaging Design Competition our talented team took home 5 awards.

First Place: Two Bottle Vodka Carry Pack

First Place: Beer Advent Calendar

First Place: 2 Pack Gift Pack Plus

Second Place: Carry Case Displayer

Honorable Mention: Airplane Model

At the 2021 Box Manufacturing Olympics our talented team took home 8 awards.

Second Place: Eco Train – Recovery Box

Second Place: Fluxwerx – Profile 3 Spoke

Second Place: Hudson & Oak – Bowl Insert

Second Place: Naked Snacks – Laid Back Snacks

Third Place: Blue Planet Recycling – Medium Bin

Third Place: Tantalus – Cutting Board

Third Place: Parallel 49 – 2019 Beer Advent Calendar

Third Place: Jilly Box – Fall 2021 Jilly Box


At the 2022 PAC Global Awards

Our team received the Award of Distinction for the Parallel 49 – Beer Advent Calendar