About us Boxmaster Canadian box manufacturer

History of Boxmaster in Vancouver, British Columbia

    Boxmaster first opened their doors in January, 1981. At that time the plant was located in Richmond BC, had 7 employees, and annual revenues of only $700,000.

    Even though the company started at the beginning of the recession of the 80's, the revenues were doubled in the first two years of operation.

    In 1986, a second smaller facility was opened in Kelowna BC. This facility was later closed in 2007.

    In 1992, the owners of Boxmaster acquired another larger corrugated manufacturer with locations in Richmond and Kelowna, which is known as Crown Packaging to this day. Crown Packaging's Richmond facility is the main raw material supplier to Boxmaster, and the two companies enjoy reciprocal business that take advantage of each divisions strengths.

    In 1993, the owners made further acquisitions that included paperboard manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, MB and Burnaby, BC, as well as a paper mill also in Burnaby, and paper recovery facilities across Western Canada.


In 1996, the Boxmaster facility was moved from the Richmond BC location to the paperboard facility in Burnaby, which is the location that Boxmaster has been in ever since.

In 2011, Boxmaster celebrated its 30th anniversary, and shared that celebration with many of the clients that were with Boxmaster from the beginning. There are approximately 95 employees at Boxmaster, and revenues have enjoyed a similar growth.

It is through our commitment to service and customer excellence and to that we attribute our success. With our dedicated employees and the continued support of our clients, we look forward to what the next 30 years holds in store for us.